Animal Stories

5 Jul, 2017

From Joe, UK

Hi, when I was a kid I grew up in the surrey hills,every Saturday I would go off with the local milkman to help him on his roun…
11 Aug, 2016

From Audrey, USA

I was fortunate enough to watch the beautiful story of Christian on television last night. I was moved beyond belief whe…
10 Sep, 2014

Kathleen, Colorado Springs

Father’s Day 2009 I met a Rotweiller that, some would say, could have been no one less than an angel and one family m…
10 Sep, 2014

Fan email – Deanna, NY

I absolutely LOVE this. Everything about it. All these beautiful animals deserve the world and are such loving creatur…
6 Aug, 2014

Letter to Christian from fan, Inés

Dear Christian, I always think of you and wonder what your life would have been like if kind, generous and determined peo…
26 May, 2014

Fan Email – Colleen

I wanted to let you know that your book on Christian is one of my favourite books of all time.  I read it years ago in the 7…
21 Feb, 2014

Aastha, India

Seeing Christian today, I felt the urge to hug my tamed tabby cat- LEO 🙂 We first saw him when he was barely few days old.…
21 Feb, 2014
Christian in London

Cynthia, USA

A lovely message from Cynthia: I came upon the book, A Lion Called Christian, in the library and picked it off the shelf, i…
22 Oct, 2013
Hermoine the Cat painting

Hélène, Canada

The Story of My Cat Hermione
Hermione the Cat
In 2003, I found a cat that I named Hermione and I would like to share her story…
11 Nov, 2011
Bingo, India

Bingo, India

I am from a city called Bangalore in India. I once found a dog with a severe wound on its right leg. I took it to the nearest ve…