Aastha, India

Published 21 February 2014

Seeing Christian today, I felt the urge to hug my tamed tabby cat- LEO 🙂 We first saw him when he was barely few days old. Such a tiny creature he was, with blue eyes, a tummy so big that the legs could not balance him and he would walk with great difficulty. Leo joined us in the monsoon months of July and August so we made a shelter for him and his mom in our kitchen garden.

He was such an obedient little kitten to begin with, would hide in the drain whenever his mom was not around but was free once he knew she was there. He would come running and would climb up our necks. It was so fun to play with him that way! The little kitten’s eyes transformed from blue to dusty brown color within few months. A day didn’t go when we didn’t play with him.

As he grew older he used to chase ball, shuttle cock tied to free end of the rope or would just come and purr; rubbing his body with ours; showing affection. The little feline would get scared if birds surrounded him. Quite contradictory to the belief of him shoeing them away he would run fast seeking shelter. Today when I look back, I feel so happy and content of having him with us. He showed such an unconditional love, trust and friendliness to us who were total strangers. I guess we are all mirrors, we reflect and show what is being shown to us. Here’s hoping a still better world for him to live in !!

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