Animal Stories

18 Oct, 2011
Christian in the garden - like all lions was fascinated by children - 1970

Franck, France

Bonjour from France!  I’ve just finish to read the book after having viewed again and again the differnt videos o…
18 Oct, 2011

Mable, Hong Kong

Thank you so much for making the video… I just couldn’t find a word to describe my feeling, tears keep rolli…
18 Oct, 2011

Carmen, Germany

Last weekend I read your book: Christian the lion.  It was so facinating that I coudn`t stop reading.  Thank you for writ…
18 Oct, 2011
ALCC Australian Cover

Marge, Australia

I have just read your story in a Readers Digest book, and just had to see for myself.  This is the most touching and beautif…
18 Oct, 2011

Antje, Germany

The story about the lion Christian is really amazing.  I saw a reportage with my son, he´s 7 years old, on TV. When the fil…
18 Oct, 2011
1971 Reunion - Christian greets Ace and John

P M, India

Today I watch 1 documentery movie on Animal Planet about CHRISTIAN & I want to say I can’t stop crying.  I had n…
18 Oct, 2011
A Lion Called Christian

Ishwar, India

Hi my name is Ishwar Vyas and I’m a 13 year old boy from India.  I saw the pic of Christian the Lion and I also saw the vi…
17 Oct, 2011
Christian in London

Claudia, Germany

Dear John, Dear Ace, I saw your film on German TV today – A REALLY LOVELY STORY !!  I love dogs for my whole life, but C…
1 Sep, 2011
Ace Bourke and John Rendall get set to take A Lion Called Christian around the world

Elizabeth, USA

Hi Team Christian – I am a bit late to the party on discovering your fantastic story, but the video was forwarded to…
1 Sep, 2011
Christian Cogilli

Christian, Italy

A beautiful story, after seeing a documentary on History Channel I’m passionate and I bought the book f