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Christian the Lion

Christian’s story was originally told in two one-hour documentaries: The Lion at World’s End and Christian the Lion.  This is now available as Christian the Lion from the Born Free Foundation.  These documentaries were produced by Morningstar Productions to finance Christian’s return to the wild in Kenya in 1971.

A Lion Called Christian, Blink Films

More recently Blink Films produced A Lion Called Christian in 2009.  In 2008 a clip posted on YouTube featuring the emotional reunion between Christian and Ace and John caused a sensation and became a world-wide hit.  Following intense interest in the story behind the clip and the release of an updated version of the book A Lion Called Christian this documentary explores the story of how Ace and John came to buy Christian and return him to Kenya.  This documentary features original footage and recent interviews with Ace and John, and also features footage of a second reunion which was the last time the two men would see Christian.

The documentary has been shown around the world including on the Seven Network and clips of the program are on YouTube.


Ace and John stopped counting the number of hits on YouTube when they reached 60 million.  The original YouTube clip had 20 million hits and Whitney Houston’s song “I Will Always Love You” was removed from YouTube but has since been reedited and reposted.  With showings on television programs such as Oprah, it has been estimated the clip must have been seen by over 100 million people.

Fast Tube by Casper


Following the release of their newly updated book A Lion Called Christian Ace and John went on a whirlwind publicity tour through the US appearing on Oprah and The View and many interviews on television and radio in the USA, UK and Australia.  The video of Ace and John’s final farewell with Christian was first broadcast during their appearance on Oprah in March 2009.  Watch the clip below.

Fast Tube by Casper