From Audrey, USA

Published 11 August 2016

I was fortunate enough to watch the beautiful story of Christian on television last night. I was moved beyond belief when I saw the love between John, Ace and Christian. I saw how Christian thought of Ace and John as his parents. He saw them as one see’s God. A baby human experiences their first glimpse of God when their mother comes to love them with cuddles when they cry. Christian being a baby lion who was shunned by his birth mother found his first glimpse of God through Ace and John. You two men are the most incredible people I have ever seen and I have a strong inclination that Christian did so well because of your love that you showed him. You would hug him and cuddle him and let him sleep near you. You showed him what love is and through that he was able to overcome many ob stacles. You showed how when you left him for a year and came back to him that he had remembered you and your love for him. The true definition of love is wanting another’s happiness even if it is without you. Giving him a new home and a chance to have a happy life was loving him beyond words. I think Christian hugging you the way he did showed how animals can know love and remember. It is the true essence of life. Love is why we are all born. To love others and to find love for ourselves. It brings meaning to our lives. Our life is measured by whom we love and whom loves us in return. Our children are our report card in life and I want to say Ace and John get an A+ for the way they loved and parented Christian. A soul of an animal and a soul of a human are no different. I saw a very human expression in the face of Christian. His eyes said it all. What a lucky lion who was brought by fate and destiny into John and Ace’s lives. I am thankful that I watched this program and I feel like I will carry Christian’s story with me the rest of my life. Seeing the love that lion had for John and Ace will stay burned in my mind. Seeing how you two men were heartbroken to leave him in Africa and how sad he must have been to watch you leave, showed me that you both know the true meaning of love and how when you came back to him it was like he met God again for the first time when he saw your faces again. I know love can save people and animals from their own suffering, it can make a person or an animal want to keep living even when life may be full of suffering or sadness.

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  1. R.Y.
    Posted August 12, 2016 at 12:48 pm | Permalink

    Very well said. A lion and a love story for the ages.

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