Fan email – Deanna, NY

Published 10 September 2014

I absolutely LOVE this. Everything about it. All these beautiful animals deserve the world and are such loving creatures that media likes to create to be as such a evil image.

I love animals more than anything. I wish I could save them all and I will always stick up for them until my last breathe. Such an inspiration this story is and saving these amazing beauties. We need more people in the world to let the world know how these animals have feelings. They have emotions. They love harder than a human can. The abuse, negativity & disrespect is disgusting and all should be punished. But when I see stories like this, I still believe there is hope in this world and good people who really just love the animals.

Thank you for doing what you do. Its truly a blessing and one day I hope to be known for helping animals because I will never give up to protect them. Their eyes say everything they cannot and if you have any kind of soul you will know what they are saying.

Thank you again. – Deanna from NY

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