Cynthia, USA

Published 21 February 2014

A lovely message from Cynthia:

I came upon the book, A Lion Called Christian, in the library and picked it off the shelf, intrigued by the title. As I began reading the book at home, I felt some familiarity with the unfolding of the story, having often worked in London. Of course, I knew Harrods and its reputation for supplying anything one could wish for, and beyond. By the time I finished the book, I felt the utter joy and satisfaction of knowing that there is no border between animals and humans. When a joyous connection is established between the two, it is a knowing that some call love, and I call alignment of energy.

Knowing there was a video of Christian on YouTube, I came across what is now my favorite version, accompanied by the music of Sigur Ros. The music is as intense as the explosion of joyous energy between this beast and his friends. My spine and scalp tingle every time I play that video, and I feel I am right there in Africa experiencing the moment again and again. I have felt this same tingling sensation when I embraced a dog named Sandy; and again with the tickle of a Raccoon’s whiskers and then the soft touch of a padded paw on the back of my hand as I helped it climb out of a dumpster. It is the joyful connection that is always there to be tapped into, and if you are a vibrational match, you will experience it again and again.

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