Antje, Germany

Published 18 October 2011

The story about the lion Christian is really amazing.  I saw a reportage with my son, he´s 7 years old, on TV. When the film was over, tears running over his face.  He was sad, because Christian was going away.  He loves his dog.  On this evening he stay with him and I must told him, that a lion is a wild cat and live in the nature – free and that you saved his life.  On one way he know that it´s right, on the other way he feel sad.

Our dog is 18 month old and sometimes he plays like a big cat.  He has very tall and thin, has long legs, big paws. we loves all our dog and he gave us so much.  When we look in his eyes we know what he will say.  When someone is ill, I feel it and stay by this person.  And I hope that many people see these fantastic film and feel the love between human and an animal and have respect all animals.  Christian is the best example, that animals are intelligent and that they can feel who loves them and who not.  Lucien my son, asked me, why the lion boy bite the man?  I asked him, what do you think?  And he said, boy has pain and can´t say it.

Ace and John, you do the best for Christian.  Thank you so much.

Best wishes from Germany.

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