Jangarh Singh Shyam 1962-2001 Deer with Twelve Antlers Ace Bourke presents Contemporary Ritual Painting from India

Published 14 April 2011

Ace Bourke is giving a floor talk at his current exhibition Contemporary Ritual Painting from India at The Cross Arts Project, 8 Llankelly Place, Kings Cross on Saturday 16 April at 3pm.

This exhibition is a selection by Ace Bourke of contemporary Indian paintings reflecting the themes and rhythms in the tribal art of the Warli of Maharashtra and Jangarh Singh Shyam in Madhya Pradesh, and the Khovar, Sohrae and Madhubani village folk artists of Bihar.

Ace’s curatorial interest is representing Australian foundational narratives through the perspectives of Indigenous and non-Indigenous artists. He has staged several important national and international exhibitions of Aboriginal art in the 1980s and 1990s.

The exhibition is open from 14 April to 14 May 2011. For more information about the exhibition click here.

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