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5 Sep, 2014

25th Anniversary of George Adamson’s death

Ace Bourke appeared on Weekend Sunrise to remember George Adamson – Father of Lions. Watch the segment HERE.…
10 Aug, 2014

10 August – World Lion Day

10 August marks World Lion Day, so today let’s celebrate lions, mindful that there are approximately only 20,000 lions…
13 Mar, 2014

GLOBAL MARCH FOR LIONS – Saturday 15 March 2014

This Saturday, 15 March 2014, many people around the world will be joining the Global March For Lions to raise awarene…
22 Oct, 2013
Christian 1972 by Ace Bourke

Christian 1972 by Ace Bourke

This image of Christian was taken from Ace Bourke’s home movies.…
27 Sep, 2013

Animal Welfare League NSW art exhibition

Last night Ace Bourke spoke at the Animal Welfare League NSW art exhibition. He showed for the first time home footage of…
25 Sep, 2013

Ace Bourke will discuss Christian at Animal Welfare League NSW art exhibition

Ace Bourke will present at the Animal Welfare League NSW art exhibition on Thursday 26 September and Saturday 28 Septe…
12 Aug, 2013
Eternal Hug 2013 by Jiawei Shen oil on canvas 213 x 167 cms

Happy Birthday Christian!

Christian was born on the 12 August 1969 – 44 years ago in Ilfracombe Zoo, Devon.  In the wild he may have lived to be 10 or 1…
1 May, 2013
Christian the Lion

Christian the Lion named #1 heart-wrenching video

The YouTube reunion video of Christian the Lion was named by Mashable as the number 1 heart-wrenching video to make you c…
21 Dec, 2012

Ace Bourke Interview

This month Ace Bourke was interviewed by Wilson Vega for Tiempo Real. Click here to watch the skype interview.…